The 3 Secrets I used to Achieve Control Over My IBS Without Taking Meds or Following a Restrictive Diet for Life
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Hosted by Dr. Rosie Grobbink, Naturopathic Doctor
Hi I’m Dr. Rosie! I am a Naturopathic Doctor, sister, auntie, outdoor enthusiast and founder of the Digestive Freedom Method!

I absolutely love supporting women, to fix digestion so they can finally ditch issues like gas, bloating, going too often or not going enough and feel confident and no longer feel chained to the toilet! 

It is amazing to watch the women I work with, as they transform and take control of their digestion and life using natural therapies that address the root cause for good so that they can be the AMAZING women they know they are! 

April 22, 2021 & 7 pm EST
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